We want our team to feel happy at work and most importantly - supported, which is why we’re continuing to work hard to enhance the support and resources we offer. Over the past 12-months, we have been looking at more ways we can support women working for Rygor, and so far, we have:

  • Provided specialist menopause training and extra resources around the subject of the menopause.
  • Signed the menopause pledge.
  • Created a dedicated menopause policy, so that our team members understand what Rygor promises to do to support them.
  • Reviewed and enhanced our flexible working policy and Rygor’s maternity policy.

And we don’t want to stop there. Many women will have experienced that "oh no" feeling of an unexpected period while at work (meaning they don’t have appropriate sanitary products with them) or they may have times when flow is suddenly heavier than usual, which can cause distress and discomfort.

To try and help, Rygor has provided its team with Period Dignity boxes, containing products to help make facing the unexpected while at work, easier. We know it's just a small thing, but we understand how distressing it can be to lack appropriate period products, so we hope this will help our team.